The Warranting Board is the Competent Authority for the profession of perit, comprising architects and civil engineers. It has the responsibility for maintaining and publishing a list of professionals who are warranted to undertake the services reserved to the profession by law. The Board regulates the admission to these lists, by verifying the academic qualifications and professional training undertaken by Maltese, and EU nationals. There are two main lists, one for Perit Arkitett, and the other for Perit Inġinier Ċivili. The Board also holds a list of professional partnerships of periti, and of those EU Nationals who are allowed to pursue the profession in Malta on a temporary and occasional basis. The Board also has the remit of assessing the professional qualifications of third country citizens. The Board does this by holding examinations or making assessments of academic studies followed, and professional training undertaken. The Board has the duty of keeping the European Commission and other EU Member States informed of the processes governing access to the profession in Malta, and of executing disciplinary decisions taken by the Courts, or other regulatory bodies. The Board, finally, has the role of communicating with other Competent Authorities of EU Member States about matters related to the practice of the profession by warranted professionals.